epiFFEny – Acceptable Use Policy

This Agreement was last revised on 12  Jan 2021.

As a courtesy to your fellow users, and to ensure that users do not improperly use the Platform and that all users are able to enjoy the full benefit and functionality of the Platform, RGC Consulting  / RGC Consulting Asia / RGC Health / RGC Software (we, our or us) requires that all the Platform users comply with this Policy.

In this Policy, Platform means any application that is supplied as part of the @epiffeny.com.au or epiFFEny.com domain.

We may update this Acceptable Use Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes to the Acceptable Use Policy. Your continued use of the Platform constitutes your acceptance of the Acceptable Use Policy as amended. If you do not agree to the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy at any time, you must immediately cease to use the Platform.

Prohibited activity

You must not use the Platform in a way which is excessive, unreasonable, unlawful, or harms or is likely to harm the Platform’s integrity or inhibits another user from accessing or using the Platform. What constitutes prohibited activity will be determined by us at our sole discretion. By way of guidance only, prohibited activity may include:

1              Making the Platform available to any third party or otherwise available for use on any computer systems or devices not owned or wholly controlled by you.

2              Distributing or transmitting any part of the Platform by any means.

3              Marketing, distributing, leasing, or selling access to the Platform, or offering to do any of the foregoing.

4              Integrating or combining the Platform, in whole or part, into any other software or product;

5              Save as expressly permitted by law (and only to that extent):

(a)           disassembling, adapting, merging, translating, decompiling, reverse engineering, or creating derivative works, based on the Platform, in whole or part; or

(b)           removing or circumventing any technological protection or access control measures,

or attempting to do any of the foregoing.

6              Interfering with the operation of the Platform or use of the Platform by any other person0

7              Disproportionately consuming the Platform’s resources.

8              Attempting to use the Platform or access information on the Platform other than as intended and through the ordinary function of the Platform.

9              Attempting to circumvent any security or other limitations implemented on the Platform.

10           Uploading trojans, viruses, or other malware to the Platform.

11           Using or downloading content from the Platform by way of automated software.

12           Uploading to, or distributing through, the Platform, any material which constitutes, encourages, enables or facilitates (as determined by us at our sole discretion):

(a)           hate speech;

(b)           discrimination on the basis of gender, disability, religion, or ethnicity;

(c)           defamation, harassment, or physical harm to any person;

(d)           content or activities of a sexual or explicit nature; or

(e)           any material or act which is illegal or morally questionable.

13           Uploading to, or distributing through, the Platform, any material or information which is incorrect, inaccurate, out-of-date, misleading, deceptive, or likely to mislead or deceive.

14           Using the Platform in any way which is fraudulent, malicious, contrary to law or public policy, or that could be detrimental to our, the Platform’s, or any other user of the Platform’s, name, goodwill, or reputation.

Consequences of prohibited activity

If you engage in, or we suspect that you have engaged in, any prohibited activity, we may, at our sole discretion:

1              notify you of the activity and require that you cease the prohibited activity within a period specified by us;

2              modify or delete the offending material or information;

3              suspend your access to the Platform, in whole or part, without notice; or

4              terminate your access to the Platform without notice.

You acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to any remedy as a result of our taking any action under this Policy.


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