Our Management Team

 RG_2014 Rob Greatrex (Managing Director)
Rob has 30 years FF&E management and consulting experience and his diligent approach, attention to detail and dedication to securing client value-for-money is well-regarded in the industry. He places a high priority on establishing strong relationships with design teams, client and the wider stakeholder community. Under Rob’s directorship, RGC Consulting is an acknowledged industry leader in adopting environmentally sustainable development principles and BIM technologies for FF&E. The company works with independent industry assessors in developing their methodologies and strategies, and strives to ensure that all procurement will be it for purpose and value for money.
 RW_2014 Ross Wilson (National Business Development Manager)
Ross is responsible for the management of the contractual relationships for the company, whilst ensuring the project requirements are met and risk is minimized. Ross specializes in client project support, local and international business development, industry knowledge and emerging markets. With expert client management skills and strong time management to meet targets, Ross is an essential asset in the administration and implementation of major FF&E projects.
 AL_2014 Akash Lala (General Manager)
Akash has developed extensive experience across a broad range of project types and he has particular expertise in FF&E cost planning, specifications, budget development, decant logistics and project management.He has direct experience in management of FF&E services for large scale projects His skills extend from his engineering background to a broad understanding of design intent, as well as supplier quality and cost feasibility. His efficient time management is applied to himself and those under his supervision allowing him to successfully direct time-sensitive projects.