ISO9001 Certification

The international standard, ISO9001:20015, specifies the requirements for the Quality Management System (QMS) where the organisation needs to demonstrate that it can meet its client’s requirements together with any statutory and regulatory obligations.

The Quality Manual provides specific details of the policies and procedures used by RGC Consulting Pty Ltd (RGC) to meet the requirements of the aforementioned standard.

Our QMS is designed to develop and enhance client satisfaction through the effective application of the policies and procedures, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to client and applicable statutory, regulatory or legal requirements.

It is the goal of The RGC Consulting Group (RGC) and its subsidiaries to always provide a quality Furniture Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) consultancy service.

The quality and reliability of RGC service delivery is seen as paramount to the success and growth of our business. Quality must continue to be the concern of every person in our business, not just the sole responsibility of Management. Every person has quality related responsibilities, and it must be accepted and understood that every aspect of what we do in the business ultimately affects the level of customer satisfaction.

It is our policy to make everyone working for RGC aware of their responsibilities in maintaining and improving the quality of our service, and it is expected that our people will respond promptly and constructively to customer complaints on quality and service, ensuring that the relevant remedial action is taken promptly, and standardised.

It is fundamental to the operation of RGC that we provide exceptional FF&E services to our Clients, and so we have established our quality objectives which should at all times be framed to at least ensure that our services:

  • meet their requirements,
  • are delivered on time and within budget, and
  • which consistently meet or exceed their expectations

Our Quality System is designed to ensure that meeting customer requirements is recognised as critical to the continued success of RGC and that consistent control of our processes to meet the requirements is established, implemented and maintained.

The Quality System that RGC has established is based on compliance with the standard ISO9001:2015, where the organisation needs to demonstrate that it is able to meet its client’s requirements together with any statutory and regulatory obligations. The methods employed are to be kept under continual review and improved whenever and wherever possible.

The QMS is designed to develop client satisfaction through its application, the processes for continual improvement and assurance of conformance with the requirements of the client and any applicable statutory or regulatory requirements.

These principles are basic to RGC and all employees are expected to embrace and support them as a team and to actively pursue the requirements of the quality management system so that we may meet the expectations of our customers and achieve success in the market.